We offer seminar and conference facilities in an attractive location near the city centre (Machova 7, Prague 2). Our auditorium and classrooms are suitable for conferences, seminars, workshops, round tables, meetings with partners and other events of companies, NGOs and state institutions.
Accommodation also exists within the building, with single, double and triple rooms available at reasonable prices.

The building is partially wheelchair accessible. There is a machine for wheelchairs on the stairs, an elevator, and an adapted room. For more information or answers to specific questions, please feel free to contact us.

Our guests and participants of Prague events may use the courtyard garden and additional services, including refreshments, copying, etc.


Marianeum Training Centre is run by Caritas Czech Republic, a non-profit humanitarian organization with more than one hundred years in practice. Currently, it assists those in need within the Czech Republic, through a wide network of social and health services, and those abroad via humanitarian assistance and development cooperation. From time to time, Caritas holds courses, seminars and professional conferences at the Marianeum to facilitate the organization’s various projects.

By utilizing the services of the Marianeum training center, you can support the activities of Caritas Czech Republic and indirectly help those in need.

The building's history

Marianeum Institute was founded in 1914 as a “shelter house for old ladies" and ran by a congregation of school nurses. During the First Republic, it became part of the Union of Catholic Charities and the house was rebuilt in a functionalist style.


Restitution in 1989 following the end of communism returned the building’s property rights to Czech Catholic Charity (Caritas CR today), and thanks to the contribution of Caritas Germany, the space was reconstructed to its present form as a training centre.