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Prague is beautiful and the most amazing view is from the Petřín Hill 

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Prague is a wonderful city upon Vltava river and the nicest view of which is from the top of it´s hills.
Following please find some recommendations where to go and which places is nice to visit.
We would like to help you to enrich your itinerary and make your stay in our city the most interesting to create impressive memories in your mind for a long time.



Riegrovy sady is one of the nicest aerea of Vinohrady. Its amazing atmosphere is made by the residential buildings from 19th and 20th century in Art Neveau style. If you say Vinohrady the first thing that pops up on your mind will be wide boulevars with high buildings as well as parks and green yards. The restaurants in the parks provide lovely views on the city. While walking in the streets you can discover wide reng of lovely coffees and handicraft shops.

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The Vinohrady Waterworks Tower
It was built in 1882, when Vinohrady began to grow rapidly with more and more residents. Originally, water was pumped out and purified from the Vltava River. In times of greatest glory, the waterworks supply water to the city, to Žižkov, to Strašnice, Vršovice as well as Pankrác and Nusle. It was active until the sixties. Thereafter it was converted into apartments and it is used for the same purpose until now. I wonder, what is it like to live in a waterworks tower?

Žižkov TV Tower
As long as you go for a walk in the neighborhood, be sure to visit the TV Tower. In the lower part there is an excellent restaurant with a large garden. It is an ideal meeting point for mothers with small children in summer. The television transmitter was put into operation in 1992. It is open to the public and thanks to the observation platforms it offers to its visitors a beautiful view of the city. You can either have a very good lunch or a refreshing cocktail both at the local restaurant and bar on the top floor. The art work of David Černý "Toddlers" reaps contradictory responses. Some people admire him, others are shocked by his work. How about you?

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