We offer accommodation in a quiet neighbourhood of Vinohrady near the centre of Prague for reasonable prices.


Marianeum centre capacity is 46 beds.

  • 8 single rooms with private bathroom
  • 7 single rooms with shared bathroom (2 rooms for 1 bathroom)
  • 7 double rooms with private bathroom
  • 5 double rooms with shared bathroom
  • 2 triple rooms with priváte bathroom
  • 1 apartman for 3 person

Marianeum is located close to the city center on a very quiet street in the Prague, surrounded by cafes, restaurants, shops and only a 15-minute walk to Wenceslas Square, with convenient access to public transportation (tram, metro - 3 to 5 minutes walk). Two rooms are especially adapted to the needs of handicapped quests. Each room is equipped with a TV, phone and free wifi connection. Rooms are available with a private bathroom or a shared option (1 bathroom for 2 rooms).

Breakfast is served from 8 - 10 am and can be purchased for an extra 90 CZK.

Coffee and tea are available all day in our bistro. The shared kitchen, equipped with a refrigerator, microwave and kettle is also at every guest's disposal – free of charge.
The second floor offers a computer room with 9 computers, available all day - free of charge.
Our guests can also relax in the lovely courtyard garden. There is a grill available for our guests.

Breakfast and snacks

Food is not included in the price of accommodation. However, a breakfast buffet is available from 8 to 10h in the centre bistro, and other small items like coffee or tea can be purchased later in the day.

Internet and TV

Internet is available in all rooms, and Wi-Fi is provided. If you do not have your own computer, you may settle agreement with the reception to use the internet in the computer lab.

All rooms are also equipped with telephones and TV.

Garden and surroundings

Guests may use the seating area within the centre’s backyard garden.

Marianeum Training Centre is located in a quiet area of ​​Prague 2 – Vinohrady (map). Nearby is the náměstí  Míru (Mir’s Square), which is home to the St. Ludmila church and a regular location for outdoor markets. The nearby Grébovka park, with its vineyard and nice sitting areas, overlooks the entire city. Longer walks may lead you to Vyšehrad, Rieger park, National Museum, Jířiho z Podbrad square (TV transmitter, Plečnik church) or to Vrsovice "Ďolíček" stadium of Bohemians’ Football Club.

To reach the city centre is a straight shot, without transferring. Prague Castle and Malá Strana (Small Town) are also direct routes from our place of accommodation.